Transiton SheffieldWelcome to Transition Sheffield. We are part of the growing Transition Towns Network. We raise awareness about climate change and peak oil, and encourage groups to start projects across the city.

Transition Initiatives started up in Burngreave, Crookes/Walkley, Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Project, Nether Edge/Sharrow and Porter Valley. If you want help in starting a group elsewhere, do contact us.

To be informed aboiut key news, join our low volume, Sheffield wide, news/announcements email list. We also have a discussion forum, several email lists and a wiki and you can follow us at @TransitionSheff. For an alternative events listing for Sheffield see Alt-Sheffield.

New website in nearly ready

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We're in the process of moving our website to a new platform.
We'll still be hosted by the fantastic webarchitects, and this Drupal site has been great for many years, but we're looking forwards to much easier editing with Wordpress, and having our Twitter updates integrated into the site.
If you've any feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

Carbon Conversations discussion group starts September‏

How can we cut carbon emissions in our day-to-day lives? Discussion group starts September‏

Interested in coming to a discussion group in the autumn looking at ways to reduce our carbon emissions?

Starting from September, Nick Nuttgens will be running some ‘Carbon Conversations’ groups. This is an informal and friendly series of 6 meetings (3 weeks apart) that looks at various topics e.g. energy in the home, travel and transport, consumption and waste.

Transition Thursday - workshop, delegation, and evening talk

Buy the book!

With Jack and Rob on the steps of City Hall
Thursday 27 June was a packed day for Transition Sheffield with workshop, sustainability delegation, and evening talk.

We held an afternoon workshop on Sustainable Cities. We set the scene with a presentation to share some information about the motivation for the Transition network, and about local Transition initiatives. Participants chose to discuss five key topics - Food, Transport, Money, People, and Technology. When asked how they felt, there was general agreement from participants that they're capable of supporting a change to create a more sustainable Sheffield, and most people wrote down a specific action that they intended to take, even if only to find some further information, or to connect with others. See below for more discussion notes

Many thanks to Colette Cameron for the loan of her amazing decorations - see information about her classes and workshops.

Then we set off to the steps of the Town Hall to meet with Cllr Jack Scott (Cabinet member for Sustainability, Recycling and Streetscene). A bunch of people gathered with music from SolarActive's solar powered soundsystem and the Transition Banner. Jack sped into town to meet us in the council's electric car, and we handed to Jack a copy of the latest Transition book - the Power of Just Doing Stuff. It's well argued, very readable, and has great examples of inspiring projects.

After a stopping off to refuel in the very excellent Blue Moon Cafe, we gathered in the Quaker Meeting House to hear a talk by Rob Hopkins, one of the founders of the Transition movement. He's won various awards and plaudits as a leading grassroots campaigner, 'green community hero', and 'new radical', and is a very engaging speaker. A recording of his talk is available (thanks to Chris from indymedia).

Thursday 27 June: Sustainable Cities and Community Successes

Rob Hopkins ©Jim Wileman
Transition Sheffield are excited to be hosting an afternoon workshop and evening event with Rob Hopkins on Thurs 27 June. Rob is an engaging speaker, a co-founder of the Transition Movement, and a winner of various awards and plaudits as a leading grassroots campaigner, 'green community hero', and 'new radical'.

Event Details:
Sustainable Cities Workshop,
1:30-4pm, Sheffield Cathedral, Domino Hall, S1 1HA, Free Entry (donations welcome)
Sustainability Delegation,
4:30pm, Town Hall Steps, Sheffield S1 2HH,
An evening with Rob Hopkins,
7-9 pm Quaker Meeting House, Sheffield S1 2EW, £5/£3

You can reserve a place via our online booking form and see directions and a timetable and also a map for the venues.

More information...

Summer events in the City

By Madison Corney of CCA Baldi Middle School
Sheffield is buzzing. Here's our roundup of events in the city in the next few weeks.

Cafe in May: "If we don’t do it, who will?”

Screenshot from presentation
Nearly 40 people piled into the lovely Fusion Cafe for our May event, with transition initiatives and other local groups meeting to swap stories, discuss successes and challenges, and learn about what others were doing.

Each group had its own story, but some challenges had everyone in the room nodding in agreement...

Cafe in May: Local transition stories

Photo posted by Will Lion

Wednesday 15 May, Fusion Cafe, 7.30-10pm

For our May Cafe event, we’re hosting an opportunity for local groups to get together, to share the highs and lows of community participation and change, and maybe attract new participants or start new groups.

In Sheffield and the surrounding districts there are various different transition initiatives, as well as a bunch of other groups with a focus on local food, energy production, reducing waste, grassroots health initiatives, sustainable economic systems and more besides.

The evening will include some stories about the successes and challenges of local groups, followed by open space activities to allow a range of questions to be discussed. This is a chance to hear about inspiring sustainability-related initiatives in Sheffield and the local area, and meet other people involved in positive local activities, and we hope you can join us.

Fusion Cafe is in central Sheffield on Arundel St, S1 2NS – see directions. The event is free, but tea, coffee and light snacks can be bought from the cafe, and donations to cover other venue costs are much appreciated.

Transition Cafe - Positive Money for Community Resilience

Thurs 14 February, Fusion Cafe, 7.30-10pm

'Boom and Bust' photo posted by ˇBerd on Flickr"
A key cause of many of our social, economic and environmental problems is the way that money is currently created.

This Cafe event will be kicked off by Peter Verity from Positive Money who will explain hidden aspects of the cashless society and digital banking, and how they make bank bail-outs inevitable. We'll go on to discuss approaches that can provide a more resilient economic foundation for our communities.

Fusion Cafe is in a central location on Arundel St, S1 2NS - see directions.
The event is free, but donations to cover the cost of the venue will be appreciated, and tea, coffee and light snacks will be available for purchase.

Transition Cafe events are a great opportunity for linking up with like-minded individuals who care about sustainability and communities. We hope you can join us.

Winners of Sheffield's 2012 Transition Awards

This event on 29 Nov 2012 exceeded all expectations - an oversubscribed, enjoyable, and inspiring evening.
Thanks to all who came, but particular thanks to Colette Cameron, Susannah Diamond, Cassie Limb, Yvonne O'Donovan, Chrystine Moon, Paul Newman, Yvonne Jenni Brooks, Rick Watson, and the venue at Burton Street.

And here are the winners* of Sheffield's 2012 Transition Awards: (NB. You can also check out the full list of nominations.)

Energy and Environment: Sheffield Climate Alliance
Transport: COMAC Bike Project
Reuse and recycling: Sheffield Freegle
Food growing: Grow St Marys
Food outlets: Burngreave Food Bank
Wealth and Livelihoods: Portland Works
Education: Meersbrook Walled Garden Outdoor Playgroup
Wellbeing: Sheffield Healthy Walks
Cultural: Creative Action Network

* Selected through a non-competitive and inclusive process

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