Free School, Sat 15 Oct 2011

Sheffield Social Centre is organising a second free school at the Sheffield Social Centre.

This complements our own skills workshops really well (see below for more info on these), and includes a range of workshops from growing your own food and bicycle maintenance through to yoga and workplace rights.

See for more info.

Futures North 2011

There'll be a Futures North Conference on Wednesday 2nd November in Sheffield.

On behalf of Transition Sheffield I'd like to make an offer of accommodation and/or meeting up in a local pub on the 1st or 2nd to discuss transition matters with anyone who is interested. Please contact for info.

Transition Crookes/Walkley Harvest Lunch: Sunday 18th Sept: 12-5pm

All welcome at the Crookes Community Garden on Sunday 18th Sept from 12pm-5pm.

The afternoon will start with a harvest lunch of soups, salads and puddings made from the garden's produce.
We will also be planting out winter veg and building plant supports and a rainwater harvesting kit for autumn.

Drop in at any time for lunch, to help with the building and planting, or just to have a look.

The garden is at the back of 16 Hallamgate Road, S10 (through the white gate).

Call Clare on 07507 778675 for directions or further details.

Sowing and planting winter veg workshop: Sat 20th Aug 2pm-5pm

Come and join us at the Crookes Community Garden on Saturday 20th August where we will be holding a workshop on sowing and planting vegetables for winter.

Drop in at any time between 2pm and 5pm. We'll be showing which crops can be sown now for winter, and you'll have the chance to sow your own choice of seeds to take home.

The garden is at the back of the house at 16 Hallamgate Road, S10, through the white gate on the left side of the house.

If you'd like more information or directions call Clare on 07507 778675.

Community Garden Open Day: Sat 6th Aug 2pm-5pm

Transition Crookes/Walkley is holding an Open Day at its community garden on Saturday 6th August.

The address is 16 Hallamgate Road, S10 (through the white gate on the left side of the house).

All welcome.

Feel free to drop in at any time.

For more information call Clare on 07507 778675 or Ruth on 268 6641

Transition Summer Party, 20th July 2011

Hope you can make it to our community propelled, sustainably grown, and energetically inspiring summer social!

A summer gathering at at Cafe Euro. to connect, feast, share, and celebrate transition culture in Sheffield - food growing, d-i-y energy and insulation, and community projects....

Energy Descent Planning: Transition Cafe: 16th May

The next Transition Cafe will be held on Monday 16th May at Cafe Euro between 7 and 10pm.

This will be an evening of sharing ideas and information on the theme of Energy Descent Planning followed by an hour of drinks and chat. Snacks, beer, and hot and cold drinks are available.

Read on...

Getting involved in Transition Sheffield

Currently Transition Sheffield is run by an enthusiastic but small group of individuals. We'd love to do more, but we really don't have the time. If you have skills or ideas and can spare an hour or two to make things happen, then we'd really love to hear from you. We've put together a little wishlist of the kinds of people who'd make Transition Sheffield (and therefore Sheffield) a bit more of a creative, happening and sorted place to be.

Skilling up for Power Down: Transition Cafe: 8th March

The next Transition Cafe will be held on Tues 8th March at Cafe Euro between 7 and 10pm.

The theme of the Cafe will be Skilling Up for Power Down, with an hour of sharing ideas and information around the theme of re-skilling for life beyond oil. As our economy changes and oil and food prices rise, we'll need new skills to help ourselves and our local communities move beyond our addiction to cheap oil.

Transition Christmas Drinks: Thurs 16th Dec: The Riverside

Following great demand for more city wide Transition get-togethers we have arranged a just for fun Transition Christmas Social on 16 December at the 'Riverside Live' Pub, 1 Mowbray St, S3 from 7.00 til late.

The evening will include an open mic session, including a performance by local vegetable entertainer Madame Zucchini and possibly a ten- minute film relating to Cancun "Mujeres, cambio climático y sus falsas soluciones”.

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