About Us

Our aims

We are motivated by the challenges of climate change and the energy crisis to engage all of Sheffield's communities in the transition to a sustainable society.

We aim for healthier, happier, inclusive, creative and resilient communities, free from dependence on fossil fuels.

The Transition Towns Movement

Transition Sheffield is part of the rapidly growing, international Transition Towns movement. Transition Towns are born out of the urgent need to respond to the twin threats of climate change and an imminent decline in fossil fuels (peak oil and gas).

A Transition Town is a community in transition from a high energy way of life to a much lower energy one. As global oil supplies begin to diminish, our way of life— which depends on cheap, readily available oil—will inevitably change. If this process of change is not well managed, or even ignored, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Transition initiatives can help to imagine a life beyond consumerism, share skills and resources, reduce carbon emissions, build local communities and strengthen local economies. We hope you can join us!

The Transition HandbookNB. The best way to get an idea of what Transition is all about is to look through the Transition Initiatives Primer, a free 50 page downloadable document. For a more in depth look there is also the Transition Handbook which is also available online.

Finding out more and getting involved

Transition initiatives are based around local communities. There are now several local transition groups in Sheffield though the whole thing is really just getting started. If you live in one of the areas that has a local group contact them or join their mailing list. If you're interested in starting a group let us know and we may be able to put you in touch with someone else in your area. We'll also be able to give help and advice to anyone wishing to set up a local group.

Also make sure you join our Sheffield wide announcements list to hear about various events going on.


Who Are We?

I'd like to know a bit more about who Transition Sheffield is. "We" is a nebulous term... Is Transition Sheffield a charity? A non-profit group? An informal network? Who's involved? How can other people get involved?

It's a network

That's an excellent question and sorry no one has replied before now.

I would say Transition Sheffield is a network. In fact hopefully it's becoming a network of networks: a network of local and other groups. The original idea came 'Transition Towns' which were not cities. 'Transition Cities' are currently in the process of experimenting with different ways of working.

In Sheffield no one is paid and it's certainly non profit. We receive no money and raise our own money for costs of things like leaflets, venue hire, stall materials etc. mostly via donations. We currently are not funded by any other organisations though that could change in the future.

Sheffield started with the hub group which immediately set about raising awareness of peak oil/climate change and the Transition model in 3 areas: Meersbrook, Nether Edge and Burngreave. After 9 film shows (3 in each locality) the first local Transition groups were started. The hub group's role is to continue helping other local groups get started and also to facilitate communication and coordination between the different groups.

Aside from local groups we also anticipate other Transition groups forming that may be city wide in approach but coalesce around a specific project. For instance there may be Transport or Energy groups who's approach is more suited to the city as a whole rather than taking a neighbourhood approach. There is a nascent publicity group which is also taking a city wide approach.

How to get involved?
There are several ways of getting involved. First make sure you join the city wide announcements e-mail list to find out what's happening and who's doing what. If you live in one of the areas with a local group join their email list and find out what they're up to (the e-mail archives are open to anyone whether you're a member or not).

If you're not in one of those areas you might want to think about starting a group where you are. We can try to put you in touch with others in you're area so there are several of you who can work together in starting a local group. The hub group can assist by helping with film nights (equipment, setting up, films etc.) and talking at any meetings you may call. You can use our web site: we can set you up with editing rights, and we can set up an email list for your area too which might be a good way to allow more people show interest before committing themselves to anything.

Alternatively you might be interested in starting a group around a specific project yourself and again we can put a call out for anyone else interested in joining you.

And if starting a group seems like too much then you're free to go to any other Transition events whether they're local to you or not.