Thursday 27 June: Sustainable Cities and Community Successes

Rob Hopkins ©Jim Wileman
Transition Sheffield are excited to be hosting an afternoon workshop and evening event with Rob Hopkins on Thurs 27 June. Rob is an engaging speaker, a co-founder of the Transition Movement, and a winner of various awards and plaudits as a leading grassroots campaigner, 'green community hero', and 'new radical'.

Event Details:
Sustainable Cities Workshop,
1:30-4pm, Sheffield Cathedral, Domino Hall, S1 1HA, Free Entry (donations welcome)
Sustainability Delegation,
4:30pm, Town Hall Steps, Sheffield S1 2HH,
An evening with Rob Hopkins,
7-9 pm Quaker Meeting House, Sheffield S1 2EW, £5/£3

You can reserve a place via our online booking form and see directions and a timetable and also a map for the venues.

More information...

1:330-4pm, Sustainable Cities Workshop
In the afternoon workshop we'll explore aspects of sustainability which are increasingly important for cities like Sheffield. The workshop offers a space where it is possible to ask both naïve and informed questions about the future sustainability and resilience of Sheffield. It includes small group discussions and activities to enable everyone to demonstrate their opinions and to join the dots between these themes.

Depending on the interests of participants, we'll explore a range of relevant themes and key questions such as:

  • Energy: What could a future energy balance for Sheffield look like? How can we think differently about how energy harvesting and use?
  • Money: The local economic balance - how does financial growth relate to local poverty? Positive money - how do we make money work for the future?
  • Food: Do we have a realistic food footprint for Sheffield? Should we intervene to balance expensive organic food, food banks, urban food growing, and supermarket price wars?
  • Resources: Should we challenge the consumer culture? Can we change the belief that repairing goods is a sign of failure?
  • People: How do politics and communities in Sheffield currently address sustainability; Are other models of business and political engagement worth exploring?

Book cover
The workshop is therefore an opportunity to create and share ideas about opportunities and priorities for Sheffield in becoming more genuinely sustainable at multiple levels, and the outcomes may contribute to future activities within Sheffield and beyond.

4:30pm, Sustainability Delegation
In between the afternoon and evening, there's a unique opportunity to celebrate the progress on sustainability that's been made so far in Sheffield.

We're heading up from the back of the Cathedral at 4:15, to arrive at the Town Hall steps by 4:30pm to hand over workshop outcomes and a copy of the latest Transition book to Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling & Streetscene. We'll also be promoting local forthcoming sustainability events, and we'll have a music via a mini solar powered sound system from Solar-Active.

We invite all supporters of sustainability to join us with bicycles, beetroots, banners, and other symbols of sustainability success! For updates, see @TransitionSheff, or sign up with the booking form.

7pm, Community Successes: An evening with Rob Hopkins
We'll finish the day in style with stories of community successes: At the evening event, Rob Hopkins will use examples from "The Power of Just Doing Stuff", the latest Transition Book, to describe the innovative and positive ways that Transition Initiatives are harnessing grassroots community action to create a new and more sustainable reality. Come and be inspired!

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