Energy Descent Planning: Transition Cafe: 16th May

The next Transition Cafe will be held on Monday 16th May at Cafe Euro between 7 and 10pm.

This will be an evening of sharing ideas and information on the theme of Energy Descent Planning followed by an hour of drinks and chat. Snacks, beer, and hot and cold drinks are available.

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As our economy changes and oil and food prices rise, we'll need to radically rethink how Sheffield uses energy resources to ensure that all individuals in the community have a chance to thrive.

Picking up on themes from the previous cafe event such as food-growing, bike-riding, community leadership, energy generation, and new ways of working and doing business, we'll generate a set of questions to put to Sheffield City Council so we can arrive together at realistic plans for the future.

Looking forwards to another buzzing brainstormer. Hope you can make it.

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