The Transition Handbook

The Transition HandbookTransition Sheffield has some paper copies of the Transition Handbook available for £10 but the first edition of the book has also been made avaible on a wiki site for collective updating and revisions. Rob Hopkins wrote an article explaining why he was putting the book on a wiki site which starts off:

There are a few books that I have read during my life that can be described as ’seminal’, that have prompted a great change in direction or thinking. Some books that have had that effect include Fukuouka’s “One Straw Revolution”, Mollison’s “Permaculture”, Holmgren’s “Permaculture: principles and pathways”, the collected works of Joanna Macy and, on a slightly more mundane level, Joe Jenkins’ ‘The Humanure Handbook’. I can now add another to that list, Charles Leadbeater’s book ‘WeThink’. The implications of this book are vast, and its importance is something that I am only just starting to grasp. Inspired by it, I am launching here today the rewriting of the second edition of the Transition Handbook, with those out actually doing Transition rewriting the book as a collaborative process.