Call for Nominations! Sheffield's 2012 Transition Awards

Transition Sheffield would like to celebrate 'Transition in Action' i.e. all that is happening in Sheffield to start to create a transition to a more sustainable community.

We are interested in groups who already allowing people in Sheffield (and beyond) to live with less use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. Or they might be creating equitable, inclusive and thriving communities in other ways.

A range of themes such as food, energy, housing, well-being, transport, livelihoods, education, governance, wealth and waste will be considered.

The award ceremony will be on 29 November 2012. Nominations will be screened for relevance, and then winners for each theme will be selected in an inclusive and non-competitive process. Find out more...

Nominations have officially closed for 2012, but if you still want to add to our picture of inspiring groups, then nominate a group here

See a current summary of nominations included so far. The intention is to develop this into a set of links, as a directory of transition in progress.